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PH Controller Analyzer NPCA-100

pH controller Analyzer NPCA-100

PH Controller Analyzer NPCA-100

pH Controller analyzer NPCA-100 is an online smart sensor which uses high quality components, sensor components as well as advanced production technology and surface mount technology, to ensure the reliability and stability of the online pH sensor for long-term use. A pH analyzer is a system used for in-line pH measurements, typically in an industrial process.


Model no NPCA-100
Detection method Electrode method
Measuring range 0 ~ 14 pH; normal temperature (0 ~ 80 ℃)
Resolution 0.01ph
Accuracy ±0.02 pH, ±0.3℃
Automatic temperature compensation 0~80℃, NTC10K
Pressure 6 bar
Communication interface RS485 RS232 standard MODBUS RTU communication protocol
Signal output pH digital output
Working conditions ambient temperature is 0 ~ 60 ℃, relative humidity ≤ 90%
Output load load <300Ω(4-20mA)
Working voltage DC 24V
Transmitter size and weight 11.7*10*2.5(cm),130g
Size and weight of pH sensor 17.5(cm),470g



pH controller analyzer can be widely used in continuous pH monitoring in chemical fertilizers, metallurgy, water plants, environmental water treatment project, pharmaceuticals, food, aquaculture, surface water and other industries and result can be uploaded in real time.

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