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Disintegration Tester NDT-103

Disintegration Tester NDT-103

Disintegration Tester NDT-103

Disintegration Tester NDT-103 is a pharmaceutical testing instrument composed of a beaker vessel apparatus. It helps to determine the time taken for the invitro breakdown of any solid drug formulation within controlled conditions. It is equipped with an electronic sensor that monitors the temperature, time and frequency of the process. The microprocessor-controlled apparatus featured with an automation system for functions like auto diagnose and auto alarm.


Beaker assembly 4
Nacelle up and down frequency 30 - 31 times/min
Nacelle up and down range 54-56 mm
Automatic time range 1-900 minutes
Time accuracy ± 0.5 minutes
Beaker capacity 1000 ml
Controlling temperature range Room temperature to 50 °C
Accuracy of controlling temperature ±0.3°C
Power consumption 600 W
Power supply AC, 220V/50HZ
Dimension (W×D×H) 610 x 300 x 410 mm
Weight 23 kg



It is widely used for crucial assessment of the parameters to meet the quality control standards of Pharmacopeia in pharmaceutical industries. Also, in food and drug testing laboratories, Pharmacovigilance and Pharmacodynamics department in areas of clinical research, animal feed and pesticides testing laboratories etc.

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Disintegration Tester