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Tap Density Tester NTDT-101

Tap Density Tester NTDT-101

Tap Density Tester NTDT-101

Tap Density Tester NTDT-101 is an advanced measuring unit, compactly designed for measuring metal powders. It incorporates an adjustable speed motor with a motor force of 0.86 N.m. It has the feature of stable structure with a vibration frequency of maximum 300 rounds per minute and an extendable amplitude of 15 mm. Equipped with an easily adjustable drop height to meet different international standards and is integrated with a rotational rpm with adjustable speed controls.


Sample Volume ≤ 250.00 ml
Sample Weight ≤ 500.00 g
Number of Tapping 0 to 99999 times
Frequency 300 rpm
Amplitude 1 to 15 mm
Stroke Height 3 mm
Strokes Per Minute 300 strokes/min
Display LED display
Repeatability ≤ 1%
Accuracy ≤ 1%
Motor Torque 0.86 N.m.
Power 40 W
Power Supply 220 v (50/60 Hz)



Tap Density Tester is widely used to measure the density of powder that has been tapped or packed by standardized and repeatable procedures by laboratories, research institutes, and educational institutions.

Standard Accessories

25 ml measuring cylinder
50 ml measuring cylinder
100 ml measuring cylinder
250 ml measuring cylinder

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Tap Density Tester