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Microbial Air Sampler NMAS-200

Microbial Air Sampler NMAS-200

Microbial Air Sampler NMAS-200

Microbial Air Sampler NMAS-200 is a high-efficiency multi-hole inhaled air sampler. It is designed in regard to the principle of isokinetic sampling by the two theories of the particles-impact and equal-flow-sampling. When sampling port is 397 meshes with a diameter of 0.7mm Micropore, which reduces bacterial overlap and microbial counting errors, planktonic bacteria with air highly-speed thrill through a ventage, and then they impinge on the surface of the agar in the culture medium. When the microbes are cultivated, they will be dynamic-hydrated and high-speed flowing because of which we can procure results quickly.


Temperature 10 to 35°C
Relative humidity 10 to 90 % RH
Atmospheric pressure 80 to 110 kPa
Maximum dust concentration 100000000 particles/m3 @ µm or 0.2mg/m3
Sampling flow 100L/min
Inlet impact speed 0.38 m/s basically the same as the speed of clean room (isokinetic sampling)
Sampling quantity Can be set from 0.001 to 9.999 m3
Standard dimension of culture dish Ø 90 × 15 mm
Dimension Ø 120 × 325 mm
Power Supply DC 16.8V chargeable battery which can supply 4hours power
Weight 4.0 kg


  • Equipped with protective cover and porous sampling head
  • Microprocessor controlled technology
  • Portable, lightweight air sampler
  • Sampling inlet has many tiny holes to reduce puffball superposition and error of animalcule count
  • Sampling pump seat and sampling pump cover present
  • Dust bacteria collide evenly in Petri dish
  • HEPA filter, Guarantee, clean working environment
  • Designed by Power jack
  • Planktonic bacteria sampler has unique structure an upper and lower
  • Sampling mouth and its crust are made of high-quality aluminium
  • It has powerful functions, large sampling rate, stable capability, and easy to operate
  • LCD display in sampling time, sampling volume and other features
  • Charging interface


Microbial Air Sampler is used in Biology Laboratory, Sterile Pharmaceutical factory, Hospitals, Food Processing Workshop, optical lenses and Electronic industries.

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