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Aerosol Generator NASG-200

Aerosol Generator NASG-200

Aerosol Generator NASG-200

Aerosol Generator NASG-200 is portable cold type equipment. It is designed to generate atomized liquid aerosols by blowing compressed air through a circular slot type nozzle. The regulator enables to monitor the pressure and concentration of air inlet as per the requirements. It is entirely enclosed in a hood with low noise levels, ensuring safety and reproducibility of the generator performance.


Output flow 1 to 2.5 m3 h
Productive rate 0.5 to 2 × 1013 P/h
Atomizing Pressure ≥ 10 to 80 kPa
Size distribution 0.02 to 2 µm
Aerosol type DEHS cold more scattered, PAO/DOP cold more scattered
Check air outside < 0.7 MPa clean and stable gas supply
Overall Dimensions 200 × 250 × 370 mm
Weight 3 kg



It is mainly utilized in testing the efficacy of HEPA filters, Clean room units, etc by challenging it by load of aerosols to detect the leakage. Also, in sectors like Medical Science to test the efficacy of aerosol generating medical devices, CDC, hospitals, pharmaceutical industries and in Research and Development studies of nanoparticles.

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Aerosol Generator