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Muffle Furnace NMF-204

Muffle Furnace NMF-204

Muffle Furnace NMF-204

Muffle Furnaces NMF-204 is a benchtop, microprocessor-controlled unit that is perfect for ceramic firing, sintering, and quick heating. It features temperatures up to 1400°C wearing a loading capacity of 16 L for convenient handling. Equipped with an S-type thermocouple control unit for accurate temperature measurement. Fitted with an interchangeable door lock system to prevent unauthorized access. All parameters are displayed on the LCD screen for fast and easy operation


Max. Temperature 1400 °C
Capacity 16 L
Heating Program 8 step
Thermal Rate 3 °C - 20 °C
Heating element SiC (Silicon Carbide)
Program Memories 6
Thermocouple Type S Type
Display 4 x 20" LCD
Heating Element Placement Horizontally aligned next to the side walls
Inner Insulation Material Ceramic Fibre Board
Front Face Insulation Material Insulating Fire Brick
Door Insulation Material Ceramic Fibre Board
Housing Material Steel Sheet
Housing Coating Epoxy powder coating
Chimney Standard without fan
Lockable Door Handle Sidewards
Temperature Control Accuracy ± 1 °C (can vary at low temperatures)
Measurement Accuracy ± 1 °C
Inner Volume Temperature Homogenity ± 10 °C
Auto Start at Certain Date Yes
Show Remaining Waiting Time Yes
Skip the Waiting Step Yes
Burst Heating Mode Yes
Max. Current 3 × 13 A
Power 6.800 W
Inner Chamber Dimension (W x H x D) 250× 200 × 320 mm
Product Outer Dimension (W x H x D) 620 × 676 × 789 mm
Gross Dimension (W x H x D) 670 × 726 × 864 mm
Net Weight 78 kg
Gross weight 103 kg



It is widely used in laboratory and research fields to provide high temperatures to remove organic matter. Improve the properties of material strength, brazing hardness and ductility.

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