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Freeze Dryer NFD-102

Freeze dryer NFD-102

Freeze Dryer NFD-102

Freeze Dryer NFD-102 is a multi-manifold type lyophilization unit that enables long-term preservation of biological, biomedical or food preservation samples in low temperature in desiccation conditions. It is equipped with ocular transparent bell type drying chamber that enhances visibility of the lyophilization process during operation. It features 7-inch touch screen display along with interface for easy storage or printing of lyophilized sample data.


Freeze drying area 0.12 ㎡
Material tray diameter Ф240mm
No. of tray 4pcs
Tray spacing 70mm
Cold trap temperature ≤-56C,optional≤ 80℃
Cold trap dept 140mm
Cold trap diameter Ф215mm
Ice collecting capacity 3-4kg/24h
Pumping speed 2L/S
Ultimate vacuum ≤ 5pa
Power 970w
Drying chamber size Ф260×430mm
Cooling mode wind cooled
Defrosting mode air cooled
Shipping capacity 1.2L(thickness 10m)
Overall dimensions 615×450×370mm
-80℃ overall dimensions 850×680×405mm
Weight 41kg



It is widely used in medicine, pharmaceutical, biological research, chemical and food industries.

Optional Accessories

Cold trap temperature – 80°C
vacuum pump anti-returned oil device
cold trap electrical heat defrosting
oil mist filter system
imported vacuum pump

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