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Portable Conductivity Meter NCM-100

Portable Conductivity Meter NCM-100

Portable Conductivity Meter NCM-100

Portable Conductivity Meter NCM-100 is a hand-held and multi-parameter testing meter. It measures conductivity, resistivity, temperature and salinity with high accuracy. The subsequent reminder alerts for calibration aids in maintaining the smooth functioning of a meter. The Automatic/manual temperature compensation ensures the accuracy of the obtained results. The auto power-off feature enables the conservation of battery usage.


Conductivity specifications:- Conductivity range 0.000µS/cm ~ 1000mS/cm
Conductivity resolution 0.001µS/cm
Conductivity accuracy ± 1.0% (FS)
Resistivity specifications:- Resistivity range 5.00Ωcm~ 100.0MΩcm
Resistivity resolution 0.01Ωcm
Resistivityaccuracy ± 1.0% (FS)
TDS specifications:- TDS range 0.000mg/L~ 300g/L
TDS resolution 0.001mg/L
TDS accuracy ± 1.0% (FS)
Salinity specifications:- Salinity range 0.00~ 8.00%
Salinity resolution 0.0001
Salinity accuracy ±0.2%
Temperature specifications:- Temperature range (-5.0~105.0) °C
Temperature resolution 0.1°C
Temperature accuracy ±0.2°C
General specifications:- Power supply Li-on Battery (DC:3.8V)
Dimensions 201×96×55 mm
Weight 300 g



It is mainly used in the detection of conductivity and other parameters of samples from food & beverage industries, water & wastewater treatment plants, pharmaceutical industries, chemicals & petrochemicals, etc.

Standard Accessories

Accessories No Name
1 Conductivity Cell
2 Carrying Case

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