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Vacuum Pump NVP-102

Vacuum Pump NVP-102

Vacuum Pump NVP-102

Vacuum Pump NVP-102 is a diaphragm-based pump that is designed for continuous and excellent oil-free pumping. The PTFE-coated exterior makes increases the resistance against corrosion and extreme temperatures, thereby extending its operating life. The pump provides desired vacuum without any loud noise or vibrations. These low-vibration units keep disturbances to a minimum and are an ideal equipment for carrying out vacuum filtration, gel electrophoresis, solid-phase extraction, solvent purification, thermal desorption (TD) tubes, sampling bags, and general use.


Pump Head 2
Flow rate 60 L/Min
Maximum pressure ≥ 0.08 Mpa
Operating vacuum 200 mbar
Operating pressure ≥ 30 psi (positive/negative pressure)
Inlet connection Φ 6 mm
Outlet connection Φ 6 mm
Working temperature 7°C ~ 40°C
Ambient temperature < 55°C
Noise level < 50 dB
Rated motor power 160 W
Power supply AC 110/220 V ± 10%, 50/60Hz
Dimension (L × W × H) 300 × 160 × 235 mm
Packaging dimension (L × W ×H) 380 × 340 × 270 mm
Weight 10 kg



Employed in various molecular biology, pharmaceutical and other laboratories dealing with processes like vacuum distillation, drying, filtration, rotary evaporation, degassing of liquids and for gas compression and conversion.

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