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Freezing Point Tester NFTM-100

Freezing Point Tester NFTM-100

Freezing Point Tester NFTM-100

Freezing Point Tester NFTM-100 offers a wide temperature ranging from - 62°C to 20°C for comprehensive freezing point analysis. It provides accurate results within a short timeframe of 15 to 20 minutes. It comes with a compression chiller to maintain precise temperature during testing. Features a built-in WinCE-based MCU to ensure reliable program execution for consistent performance. Our tester has an 8-inch color touch screen for a clear parameter reading.


Temperature Range - 62°C to 20°C
Temperature Accuracy 0.1°C
Testing Time of Sample 15 to 20 minutes
Standard Test Methods ASTM D7153 GB/T 2430
Cooling System Built-in Compression Chiller
Communication Port 1 LAN
1 Parallel
Display 8-inch touch color screen
Power Consumption 1200W
Power Supply AC220 V±10%, 50Hz
Dimensions 670×385×390 mm
Weight 64 kg



Freezing point testers are used to determine the freezing points of substances across industries like automotive, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and environmental studies.

Standard Accessories

Accessories Name Quantity
Keyboard & Mouse 1 set
Screen Touch Pen 1 pc
Sample Bottle 1 pc
Waste Bottle 1 pc
Pump Soft Pipe 1pc
Print Paper 5 rolls
Calibration Reference-50c,250ml 1pc
Syringes 10 ml 1 pack (100 pc)
Glass Bottle 500ml Inlet 1pc
Threaded GL45 1
Screen Protection Foil for The Machine Set of 2
Fuse ∮6×30 15A 3pcs 2 pc

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