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Wall Mounted Gas Analyzer NWMA-880

Wall Mounted Gas Analyzer NWMA-880

Wall Mounted Gas Analyzer NWMA-880

Wall mounted gas analyzer NWMA-880 is a fixed model analyzer designed for measurement, analysis, monitoring and control of gas output. Integrated (with 4 to 20 mA output analog) or stand-alone system operational mode equipped with two discrete alarm functions for high and low level detection. Aluminium alloy and stainless-steel composition facilitate high tensile strength and corrosion resistance.


Sensor High sensitivity sensors
Sampling method Diffusion
Detection range CO, O2, Cl2, SO2, O3, CO2, CH4, H2S, NH3, NO, NO2, H2, LEL, LPG, PID, EXP, CH4 (IR), C3H8 (IR)
Operating humidity ( non-condensing ) 15 % to 90 % RH
Operating temperature ( -20 °C to 55 °C )
Operating pressure 86 kPa to 106 kPa
Transmission distance 1000 m ( maximum )
Display panel 4-digit LED display
Alarm system Audible ( > 90 dB )
Bright dual color LEDs
Enclosure material Aluminum alloy and stainless steel
System wiring 3-core shield cable ( 3 x 1.0 mm )
Protection class IP65
Signal output 4 to 20 mA
Power supply 220 V AC / 24 V DC
Dimensions ( W x H x D ) 126 x 78 x 160 cm
Weight 3.5 kgs



Used for the measurement and analysis of gas output or leakage in ceramic, iron-steel industry, thermal treatment, electronic, agricultural, biochemical facilities for environmental pollution regulation and energy saving

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