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Soil Moisture Meter NSMM-101

Soil moisture meter NSMM-101

Soil Moisture Meter NSMM-101

Soil Moisture Meter NSMM-101 crafted to deliver precise pH readings and moisture levels is essential for maximizing crop yield. This meter assesses soil acidity up to 6 cm deep, with a pH range of 3-8. Additionally, it measures moisture levels within a range of 1 to 8%. Its compact and lightweight design ensures effortless handling and portability. Extraordinary features of the tool make it the perfect for effectively monitoring soil health.


Measuring depth 6 cm
PH range 3 to 8 PH
PH Accuracy ± 0.2 PH
Moisture range 1 to 8 %
Moisture Accuracy ± 1 %
Power supply 9 V Batteries
Packing Dimension (L×W×H) 200 × 110 × 120 mm
Gross weight 0.5 kg



Soil moisture meters find diverse applications across sectors including agriculture, horticulture, environmental science, construction, sports turf management, forestry, land rehabilitation, water resource management, and research and education

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Soil Moisture Meter