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Aerosol Photometer NAP-100

Aerosol photometer NAP-100

Aerosol Photometer NAP-100

Aerosol photometer NAP-100 provides real-time integrity through detection of aerosol concentration upstream and downstream. Its scanning probe can provide all the operation functions of the host. After performance verification, it has been proved by data and facts that its sensitivity, accuracy, repeatability and other technical indicators have fully reached the international advanced level.


Dynamic Range Up to 600 ug/L
Power supply 220V 50/60HZ
Data range From 0.0001% to 100.0%, automatic LCD display
Alarm When the set point is exceeded, an audible alarm is started. Visible alarm display flashes on the panel and scan head
Aerosol stock solution PAO oil
Sensitivity 1% of a reading in a range greater than or equal to 0.01% to 100%
Repeatability: 0.5% of a reading greater than or equal to 0.01% to 100%
light source Life span ranges from 50,000 to 100,000 hours
Random attachment Upstream sampling pipe; Operating instructions; The power cord
printer Can be connected to aerosol photometer to print output report in real time
Dimensions (W×D×L) 26cm x 37cm x 16 cm
Weight 10kg (host)+ 0.5 kg(Scanning probes and accessories)= 10.5 kg



It is mainly used for integrity detection of high efficiency filter system.

Optional Accessories

USB connection or external printer
Transport box: a solid, lockable transport box that provides polymeric foam pads and can hold the dp-3.0 host, probe, nozzle and operating instructions

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