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Electrospinning Machine NESM-100

Electrospinning machine NESM-100

Electrospinning Machine NESM-100

The electrospinning machine NESM-100 is equipped with a one-dimensional nanofiber preparation technology which has the positive high voltage of high the advantages of simple manufacturing equipment, low spinning cost, various types of spinnable polymers, and controllable spinning process.


Propulsion system Applicable syringes: 1ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml: 3 card slots (can put 3 syringes): dual channel push pump
Sprinkler system Nozzle bracket 3 holes, adjustable for height, any angle, and distance from receiving pole
Single nozzle inner diameter 0.1-1.6mm
 Nozzle moving device Moving distance 0~200m
 precision speed regulation (digital display) 1~1500 mm/min
Rotation speed High speed 120-3000rpm
Precision 1r/min
Plate collector Size: 20*20cm: release sticker (easy to take film)
Cabinet Metal shell + anti-corrosion coating + insulating inner wall + three-sided observation window exhaust system
Lighting system Easy to observe spinning with naked eyes
Power supply 220V
Positive high voltage 0-30KV
Negative high voltage 0-10KV
Dimensions 800mm× 600 mm × 700mm
Net weight 35kg



Electrospinning machine is widely used to produce nano scale fibers both in laboratory and industrially. Because of its wide application such as medicine, filtration, textile, etc.

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