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Laser Distance Meter NLADM-100

Laser Distance Meter NLADM-100

Laser Distance Meter NLADM-100

Laser Distance Meter NLADM-100 is a handheld meter improved with laser technology to provide a quick, accurate, and efficient way to measure distances in various applications, offering convenience and reliability to users. It accommodates measuring range from 40 to 120 m to measure distances accurately. Our laser distance meters are powered by batteries, offering convenience and flexibility in usage.


Measuring Range 40 to 120 m
Accuracy ± 2mm
Laser Wavelenght 630 to 670 nm
Working Temperature 0 to 40 °C
Storage Temperature 20 °C to 80 °C
Humidity 20 to 80 % RH
Automatic Shutdown 150 s
Battery 2 × 1.5 VAAA
Electronic Angle Sensor No
Maximum Storage 99 unit
Dimension 112 × 50× 25mm
Packaging Dimension 160 × 85 ×50 mm
Net Weight 0.16 Kg
Gross Weight 0.18 Kg


  • Enhanced with digital display
  • Configured with a color-coded key to ensure quick recognition
  • Utilizes red laser color to detect distance
  • Designed with safety features such as automatic shut-off to prevent accidental exposure
  • Convenient handling with safety and sanitation
  • Minimal maintenance with high reliability and durability


Laser Distance Meters are used to monitor the position and motion of an object in real-time and in the construction industry for construction works, renovations, interior design, or in exterior works.

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