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Raman Spectrometer NRS-100

Raman Spectrometer NRS-100

Raman Spectrometer NRS-100

Raman Spectrometer NRS-100 is a high throughput analytical instrument that combines phenomenon of microscopic imaging along with the spectrometer detection for structural analysis of a compound. It possesses great sensitivity with features such as fully automatic focusing mechanism with enhanced CCD detector system.


Excitation wavelength 785 nm
Spectral resolution 4 cm-1
Spectral range 250-2700, 200-3500, and 200-4300 cm-1
Maximum laser output 500mW
Spectral stability σ / µ < 0.5%
Thermal stability spectral shifts 1 cm-1(10.40 t7)
SN ratio > 6000:1
Detector TE cooled, semiconductor laser, 2048 (64 x 64) pixel, back-thinned, IR Enhanced CCD InGalt5 cooled for 1064nm
Wavelength Range 200nm-1100nm
Pixel size 14 × 14 µm
Dynamic range 13000:1
Laser wavelength 785nm (±0.5nm)
Microscope camera 3-megapixel /5-megapixel camera
Focusing mechanism True confocal
Laser output > 550mW
Laser spot diameter >1 µm
Laser stability σ/µ <±0.2%
Laser line width 0.08 nm
Connectivity USB2.0
Electrical controlled X and Y axis 2D platform moving range 5 X 5 cm
Moving resolution 0.1 µm
Positioning accuracy 1µm
Scan speed 20mm/s
Z axis Automated focusing accuracy ≤ ± 10.2 µm
Z axis Automated maximum range 20mm
Z axis Automated focusing speed Less than 10 s
Overall dimensions 455×455×585 mm
Net Weight 10.5 kg



It is widely used for determination of structure or morphology of nano materials or particles in department of Nanotechnology, Forensic identification, organic and inorganic material science, also in medical immunoassays, Food and agricultural analysis, detection of water pollutants and in gemstone and inorganic mineral identification.

Optional Accessories

Accessories No Name
1 Excitation wavelength of 532, 785, 830, 1064nm
2 Spectral range down to 50 cm-1
3 AAS Flame autosampler
4 Graphite furnace autosampler

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Raman Spectrometer