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Rotational Viscometer NVM-401

Rotational Viscometer NVM-401

Rotational Viscometer NVM-401

Rotational Viscometer NVM-401 is stepless for debugging and can measure the super-high viscosity of the sample. It consists of a 5-inch color touch-screen display, a built-in Linux system, and ARM technology. With a measuring speed of 0.1 to 200 infinitely variable speeds, the system has a total speed of 2000 speed options. The device has 30 self-built groups of test programs and a real-time display of viscosity curves with printing data and curves.


Speed 0.1 to 200 infinitely variable speed, a total of 2000 speed options
Measuring Range
Rotor 1 – 4 10 to 6 M mPa. s
ULR 1 to 6 K
Rotor 18 1.5 to 300 K
Rotor 25 240 to 4.8 M
Rotor 31 15 to 300 K
Rotor 34 30 to 600 K
Display Mode 5-inch color touchscreen
Rotor L1 – L4 (Standard); Enhanced Ultra – low Viscosity adapter ULR (optional); Small sample adapters (rotors 18, 25, 31, 34) (optional)
Sample Dosage
Rotor 1 – 4 300 to 400 ml
ULR 21 ml
Rotor 18 7 ml
Rotor 25 9 ml
Rotor 31 10.5 ml
Rotor 34 11 ml
Measurement Error ± 1 % (Newtonian Liquid)
Repetitive Error ± 0.5 % (Newtonian Liquid)
Shear Rate Standard Configuration
Timing Function Standard Configuration
Real-Time Display Time-Viscosity Curve; Temperature – Viscosity Curve (optional temperature probe)
Kinematic Viscosity Density of samples to be entered
Maximum Measurement Range Automatic Display of Selected combinations of rotor and rotation speed. Measurable viscosity range



It is Widely used in paint, paint, cosmetics, ink, pulp, food, oil, starch, solvent adhesive, latex, biochemical products, and other high viscosity industries.

Standard Accessories

Pt 100 temperature probe (wide temperature range, ranging from -20C to 300C, measuring precision 0.1°C
R1 rotor
Temperature Sensor
Viscometer Special Thermostat Bath
Thermostat Cup
Standard Viscosity Sample

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