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Anaerobic Jar System NAJS-100

Anaerobic Jar System NAJS-100

Anaerobic Jar System NAJS-100

Anaerobic Jar System NAJS-100 is an affordable, robust jar system designed for rapid generation an oxygen-free environment necessary to cultivate anaerobic, microaerophiles, and capnophiles microorganisms within a sealed jar. With excellent airtight performance, it aids in easy and exact, repeatable creation of desired environments for clinical and microbiology use. It is the most commonly used for anaerobiosis and is perfect for a laboratory having less sample load.


Type Pumping type
Capacity 1.5L
Contents 1 stack of 6 dishes (90-100 mm diameter)
Petri dish holder 15R
Time taken 3 to 5 minutes (to attain anaerobic condition)
Material PMMA
Clamp Stainless steel clamp
Dimension 245 × 215 × 295 mm
Weight 2.3 kg


  • Excellent airtight performance without any undue leakage
  • Designed with shock and impact resistant PMMA material
  • Transparent lid and jar with O-ring leak-resistant sealing
  • Durable, electrostatic-coated lid with stainless steel clamp


It is widely used to perform anaerobiosis experiment in clinical and microbiological laboratories as well as research institutes.

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