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Tube Furnace NTF-100

Tube furnace NTF-100

Tube Furnace NTF-100

Tube furnace NTF-100 is an electric heating device used to precisely conduct syntheses and purifications of inorganic compounds and occasionally in organic synthesis. It works on the principle of Air diversion heat insulation technology. Equipped with gas path connection, automatic switch for furnace door, automatic operation of exhaust fan. Designed with Polycrystalline mullite fiber vacuum adsorption furnace uniform temperature field and a more than 50% reduction in energy consumption.


Operating temperature 300-1200 ℃
Resolution 1 ℃
Temperature accuracy ±1 ℃
Heating rate 0-20 ℃
Heating power 1.2 kw
Voltage AC 220 V 50 HZ
Heating area 180 mm
Working size 80 x 200 mm
Control method LED program control
Vacuum (M pa) -0.1
Furnace tube material Quartz tube
Furnace tube inner diameter 42 x 600 mm



Tube furnace is widely used for synthesis and purification of the substances in various industries like chemical industries, laboratories, research institutes, pharmaceutical industries.

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