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Lux Meter NLXM-203

Lux Meter NLXM-203

Lux Meter NLXM-203

Lux Meter NLXM-203 is a portable device for measuring luminosity and brightness in lux. Designed with digital LCD display for visualization of parameters. Its measuring range spans from 0.01 lux to 200.0 klux and 0.001 fc to 20.00 kfc, each with 5 gears, all of which are fully automatic shifting. Equipped with separate light sensor for ensuring obtained measurements are at optimum position taken by user


Display Dual display, 4-digit LCD display
Measurement gear 50.00 lux.500.0 lux, 5000 lux.50.00 klux.200.0 klux5.000 fc, 50.00fc, 500.0fc, 5000 fc, 20.00 kfc (1 fc = 10.76 lux)
Overload display OL
Resolution 0.01 lux.0001fc
Accuracy 0.03
Spectral accuracy F 1< 6%
Temperature + 0.1%/C
Sampling rate 5 times/s
Light detector Brick photodiodes and spectral filters
Data memory capacity 99
Operation/storage temperature and humidity 0°C-50°C <80% RH -10°C-60°C <70% RH
Power supply 4 × 1.5 V × 6
Battery life 100 h
Photodetector wire length 150 cm
Photodetector size 100 × 60 × 27
Meter size 150 × 72 × 33
Weight 320 g



Lux Meter is used to measure luminosity, brightness across electro-optical industry, research laboratories, metallurgy industry, agriculture industry and plastic industry

Standard Accessories

/ Carrying case

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