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Microbial Air Sampler NMAS-202

Microbial Air Sampler NMAS-202

Microbial Air Sampler NMAS-202

Microbial Air Sampler NMAS-202 is a highly efficient microorganism sampler and type of planktonic bacteria sampler in the microporous suction collector. It is designed on the principle of kinetic sampling. It can sample directly, and the velocity of the sampling port and the Cleanroom is consistent, so it can accurately reflect the microorganism concentration of the Cleanroom. In the sampling process, bio contaminated air is drawn through the small holes in the top plate. The system is designed to ensure biological efficiency by optimizing the striking velocity.


Sampling flow 100 L / min
sampling head 316 stainless steel
Sampling mode Three block design, can be customized sample volume
Sampling quantity 0.001 to 9.999 m3
Sampling head velocity 0.38 m/s
Petri dish Ø 90 × 15
Dimension 200 × 240 × 150 mm
Sampling head size Ø 120 × 60
Temperature 30 ± 5
Relative humidity 70 % RH ± 10 %
Display window LCD
Power Supply AC 220 V, DC 14.8 V
Weight 4 kg


  • Porous sampling head for samples testing
  • Protection cover
  • Sampling head is 316 stainless steel material
  • Sampling mouth is 397 meshes, diameter is 0.7mm micropore
  • Liquid crystal display used with operation panel button
  • Designed by computer control panel
  • Low noise pump sampling
  • Simple operation, stable performance
  • Power Socket according to user requirements


Microbial Air Sampler is used in Biology Laboratory, Sterile Pharmaceutical factory, Hospitals, Food Processing Workshop, optical lenses and Electronic industries.

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