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Microbalance NMB-101

Microbalance NMB-101

Microbalance NMB-101

Microbalance NMB-100 is a highly precise scale with a 5-inch touch-screen display and a typical readability of 0.001 mg. It is equipped with a maximum weighing capacity of 6.2g. Equipped with automatic internal calibration. It has RS232 and a USB host interface.


Capacity [Max] 6.2 g
Readability [d] 0.001 mg(1μg)
Tare range -6.2 g
linearity deviation
Typical ± 4 μg
Permissible ± 5 μg
Repeatability (standard deviation)
Typical (10% MAX) 1 μg
Typical (MAX) 2 μg
Permissible (10% MAX) 1.2 μg
Permissible (MAX) 2.4 μg
Minimum Weight (USP), Typical 2 mg
Eccentric Load Deviation (Test Weight 2g) Typical 5 μg
Calibration Method  Internal automatic
Stabilization time ≤ 10 sec
Display 5-inch color touch screen
Interfaces RS232, USB
Sensitivity drift between +10 °C and +30 °C 1 ppm / °C
Operating temperature +10°C ¸ +40°C
Operating temperature change rate ± 0,4°C/1h
Relative humidity 40% ¸ 80%
Relative humidity change rate ± 1%/h
Dimensions (D × W × H) 480 × 165 × 205 mm



It has numerous uses in the study of plastic particles, Gemstones, and experimental medicine.

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