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Light Booth NLB-100

Light Booth NLB-100

Light Booth NLB-100

Light Booth NLB-100 is a color assessment cabinet that enables proofing color of finished products in various light sources that mimics the environmental conditions. It is ergonomically designed six lamp variant cabinet with respective lamp keys arranged in unidirectional arrangement for simple user operation procedure.


No of lamps 6
Type of lamps 1. Artificial daylight lamp 20W, color temperature 6500A 2. TL84 Lamp 18W, 4000K 3. UV ultraviolet lamp 20W 4. F yellow, colorimetric lamp 40W, 2700K 5. CWF lamp20W, 4200K 6. U30 lamp 18W, 3000K
Voltage 220 V
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 710×540×625 mm
Net Weight 35kg



It is utilized for color assessment and color proofing of different materials in industries like textile, plastic, paint, ink, dye etc. Also, it is used in cosmetic, leather industries and food packaging material testing etc.

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