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Airborne Particle Counter NAPC-401

Airborne Particle Counter NAPC-401

Airborne Particle Counter NAPC-401

Airborne Particle Counter NAPC-401 is used to measure dust particles inside a clean room environment. Its laser particle counter uses a semiconductor laser with a light source and a large touch-screen display. It is small in size and with light weight, highly precise and easy to operate. The microprocessor can control, store and print the measurement results, the test environment is very clean convenient. In addition, special software can be downloaded via computer to store the data. A high volt DC power source is applied which results in maximum consumption that is around 80 W.


Flow Rate 100 L / min (imported pump)
Sample Time Between 0 to 999999 s (Selectable)
Alarm Class
Operating Time 3 hours
Display LCD Display
Weight 7.5 kg
Outside Dim 320×272×240 mm
Power Source DC 16.8 V (Built in Lithium Battery)
Max. Consumption 80 W
Size Channels 0.5, 1, 3, 5, 10, 25 µm
Calculation 95 % UCL Calculation of Particle Concentration can be Displayed Directly
Zero Count ≤ 10 min
Location Labels 0 to 9999
Printer Built –in Thermal Printer
Data Storage 20000 Group / section 300 UCL (with a PC dedicated communication software
Output USB
Light Source Laser Diode (30000 hours mean time between failures)
Maximum Rated Particle Concentration 35000 particles / L
Ambient Temperature 10 to 35 °C
Humidity 20 to 75 % RH
Atmospheric Pressure 86 to 106 kPa



Airborne Particle Counter is widely used in various fields such as medicine, optical, chemical, food, cosmetics, e-health, biological products, aerospace and other sectors.

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Airborne Particle Counter