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Precision Balance NPRB-100

Precision Balance NPRB-100

Precision Balance NPRB-100

Precision Balance NPRB-100 is a precise and accurate weighing device designed for accurate weight measurement, featuring a modern and stylish design. It can handle weights up to 6100 grams with a readability of 0.1 grams. LCD display, with its white backlight and black font, enhances readability. In case the balance reaches its capacity limit, an alarm with overload and level indicators will activate, alerting the user. It is also equipped with a tare function, allowing the user to zero it with an empty container on the pan


Capacity 6100 g
Minimum weighing 0.1 g
Stable time ≤ 2 s
Repeatability ± 0.2 g
Linearity ± 0.3 g
Function Tare function/ counting/ unit conversion (g/ct/oz)
Display LCD
Power supply AC and DC (AA × 3)
Pan circler diameter 160 × 160 mm (Stainless steel)
Dimension 240 × 300 × 190 mm
Gross weight 2.5 Kg



Precision balances are commonly employed in laboratories, pharmaceuticals, and industrial settings for exact measurements

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