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Digital Vernier Caliper NDVC-100

Digital Vernier Caliper NDVC-100

Digital Vernier Caliper NDVC-100

Digital vernier caliper NDVC-100 is a measuring device that is used for the measurement of the linear dimensions. It consists of a main scale with a fixed jaw and a sliding jaw with an attached vernier. It is made up of carbon steel with a resolution range of 0.1mm/0.01.


Product range 0-150mm
Material Carbon steel
Resolution 0.1mm/0.01
Blade texture PA66 high strength plastic cement
Accuracy ±0.1mm/0.01
Calibration process Magnetic stripe sticker
Battery model SR44/LR44 1.5v button battery
Packing Transparent box packaging (103G)/transparent bag packaging (58G)/paper cards packaging (82G)
Color Silver
Packaging dimensions 24×15×9 cm
Net weight of caliper: 54g


  • Consists of two steel rules which can slide along with each other
  • Outside jaws (upper fixed jaws): used to measure external diameter or width of an object
  • Inside jaws (lower sliding jaws): used to measure internal diameter of an object
  • Metal strip at the back of the vernier caliper to measure the internal depth of a cylinder.


Vernier caliper NDVC-100 is widely used in scientific laboratories to measure the distance between two opposing sides of a surface and in industries for quality control measurements.

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