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Benchtop Digital Refractometer NBDR-201

Benchtop Digital Refractometer NBDR-201

Benchtop Digital Refractometer NBDR-201

Benchtop Digital Refractometer NBDR-201 can measure refractive indices of liquids within the range of 1.30000 to 1.70000 (nD). Its built-in Peltier temperature control system provides precise temperature regulation from 5℃ to 65℃. Capable of measuring the mass fraction of sugar solution (Brix) across a range of 0 to 100%. Utilizes high-resolution linear CCD photosensitive components for precise detection of refractive indices. Our refractometer is Enhanced with a 7-inch FTF color touchscreen display for easy operation.


Measuring Range 1.30000 to 1.70000 (nD
Resolution 0.00001 (nD)
Precision ± 0.00003
Brix Range 0 to100%
Brix Accuracy ± 0.05%
Test Mode Refractive index
Sugar content
Honey moisture
Salinity, or Customized
Temperature Control Method Built-in Peltier
Temperature Control Range 5℃ to 65℃
Temperature Control Stability ± 0.02℃
Light Source LED
Wavelength 589 nm
Prism Sapphire
Sample Cell Hastelloy
Detection Method High-resolution linear CCD
Display 7-inch FTF color touchscreen
Data Storage 32G
Output Method USB, RS232, RJ45, SD card, U disk
User Management Yes/four-level authority management
Audit Trail Yes
Electronic Signature Yes
Custom Method Library Yes
Export File to Verify High-Level Protection MD5 Yes
WIFI Printing Yes
Export In Multiple File Formats PDF & Excel Yes
Power Supply 220V / 50Hz
Dimensions 360×300×155 mm
Weight 5kg



Benchtop Digital Refractometers are used across industries such as petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, and chemical sectors for quality control, purity assessment, and concentration analysis.

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