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Gas Chromatography NGC-100

Gas Chromatography NGC-100

Gas Chromatography NGC-100

Gas Chromatography NGC-100 is a high-performance system with an advanced microcomputer-based temperature control system. Designed with a column oven, a data acquisition system, real-time instrument monitoring system, detection signal acquisition, PC control, 2 independent analogue signal outputs, and M6 software. The oven supports quick heat-up and rapid cool-down with an automatic back door opening and can hold up to 3 chromatographic columns. Features two sample injectors, each with independent temperature control, can be installed in the unit


GC Inlet Temperature 450°C
GC Pressure Range 0 to 100 psi, ± 0.002psi
GC Pressure Control Mode Electronic Pressure Control (EPC), Support CV and CC
GC Split Mode Split/Splitless, Max. Split Ratio, 1000:1
GC Column Oven Working Temperature Room Temperature 4°C to 450 °C
GC Heating Rate Up to 120 °C/min
GC Temperature Programing 7 Stages/8 Platforms
GC Auto Sampler Optional
MS EI Source Ionization Energy 5 W to 250 W, V (Adjustable)
MS Mass Range 1.5 to 1000 amu
MS Resolution Unit Resolution(Full width at half maximum)
MS Ion Source Temperature 100 to 3500 °C
MS Filament Emission Current 0 to 350 pA
GC-MS Interface Temperature Maximum 450 °C
MS Stability ± 0.10 amu/48 hrs
MS Sensitivity Full scan, 1 pg OFN at m/z 272 with S/N ≥30:1 (RMS)
MS Scan rate Up to l000 amu/s
MS Vacuum Turbo molecular pump(67L/s)
MS Detector High energy dynode electron multiplier



Gas chromatography is used for separation and detection of thermally stable chemical compounds mainly in areas like environmental monitoring, food and technology, pharmaceutical drug testing, forensic department, biological analysis, geochemical research and clinical research.

Standard Accessories

Carrier Gas System: air source/ purification and desiccation device/ flow rate control device
Sample Introduction System: sample injector
Separation System: chromatographic column (packed column and capillary column)
Temperature Control System (Column Oven): constant temperature and programmed temperature
Detector: FID/ FPD/ NPD

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