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Fume Extractor NFER-100

Fume Extractor NFER-100

Fume Extractor NFER-100

Fume Extractor NFER-100 is a specialized device that captures and filters welding smoke and fumes, keeping the air clean and safe for welders and others in the vicinity. It offers a partly pure environment. Operates efficiently consuming low energy and lasting for long periods of time. Designed with vertical laminar flow, for flow movement along the gap between the conical plunger inner arms of the filters


Airflow Velocity 0.3 to 0.6 m/s
Filter Efficiency 99.999 % efficiency at 0.3 µm
Suction Inlet Diameter 375 mm
Noise ≤ 75 dB (A)
External size 500 × 500 × 980 mm
Package size 810 × 510 × 600 mm (Extracting arm) 630 × 630 × 1175 mm (Purification system)
Power supply AC 110/ 220 V ± 10 %, 50/60 Hz
Power rated 180 W
Weight 15 kg (Extracting arm) 61 kg (Purification system)



Fume Extractors are widely used in a variety of settings, including medical research laboratories, precision instrument manufacturing, and biopharmaceutical facilities.

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