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Universal Testing Machine NUTM-100

Universal Testing Machine NUTM-100

Universal Testing Machine NUTM-100

Universal Testing Machine NUTM-100 is specially designed for the tensile test of metal and non-metal materials with conducting tests such as tension, compression, bending, and flexural. It combines high performance with superior flexibility to work when subjected to exceptionally large force with a loading range of 2% to 100% FS. Quick and easy-to-use computer display and adopts hydraulic loading for user convenience.


Structure 4 columns and 2 screws
Control Way Constant stress, uniform deformation, constant displacement, three closed-loop control, and program control dealing.
Power Supply 3-phase, AC380V, 50Hz(can be customized)
Maximum Load 1000 kN
Load Accuracy ≤±1%
Load Range 2% to 100% FS
Load Resolution 1/300000
Deformation Measurement Range 2% to 100% FS
Deformation Accuracy ≤±1%
Displacement Resolution 0.01 mm
Displacement Error ≤±0.5%
Maximum Piston Stroke 250 mm
Max. Piston Moving Speed 0 to 90 mm/min step-less speed adjustment
Crosshead Lifting Speed 200 mm/min
Max. Tension Test Space 650 mm (customizable)
Max. Compression Test Space 500 mm (customizable)
Column Clearance 525 mm
Clamping Method Hydraulic clamp
Round Specimen Clamping Range (mm) ϕ13-ϕ26, ϕ26-ϕ40, (ϕ6-ϕ13, ϕ40-ϕ50 Optional)
Flat Specimen Clamping Range (mm) 0 to 15 (15 to 30 Optional)
Flat Specimen Clamping Width 80 mm
Compression Plate Size φ160 mm
Bending Roller Distance 450 mm
Width of Bending Rollers 120 mm
Dimensions 900×710×2300 mm
Weight 2850 kgs



It is commonly used in industries like aerospace, automotive, construction, and materials testing like wood, concrete, cement, and rubber, to determine the mechanical properties of materials, including tensile strength, compression resistance, flexural strength, and more.

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Universal Testing Machine