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Leaf Area Meter NLAM-101

Leaf Area Meter NLAM-101

Leaf Area Meter NLAM-101

Chlorophyll Content Meter NCCM-101 is a portable, handheld device also known as SPAD meter which is used to measure the chlorophyll content in a non-destructive way. It features silicone semiconductor photodiode sensors that measures at dual wavelength concentration. It helps in rapid and accurate measurements that directly corelates to the photosynthetic activity and the plant's health and condition. This pocket-size device is a fundamental instrument that is used for fundamental research on photosynthesis and plant physiology.


Test unit Millimetre, square centimetre
Measuring length ≤ 1000 mm
Measuring width ≤ 160 mm
Precision ± 2 %
Resolution 0.01 cm2
Data storage capacity ≥ 1000 groups
Leaf temperature accuracy ± 0.5°C
Display LCD
Dimensions 290×67×35 mm
Weight 830 g



Widely employed for rapid measurement in agriculture, meteorology, forestry and other departments as well as in research areas like ecology, agronomy, entomology, carbon cycle research and plant pathology.

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