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Laminar Flow Hood NLFH-204

Laminar Flow Hood NLFH-204

Laminar Flow Hood NLFH-204

Laminar Flow Hood NLFH-204 is horizontal clean bench that provides continuous streamline flow of air drawn through a HEPA filter, thus providing aseptic/sterile conditions inside the hood. Equipped with UV disinfection lamp and vertically sliding door, it allows controlled flow of filtered air towards the operator. These clean benches offer protection to the sample and the operator against airborne contamination and have wide range of applications where clean air and sterile environment is required.


Overall dimension (L × W × H) 1200 × 650 × 1000 mm
Working area dimension (L × W × H) 1090 × 530 × 740 mm
Surface wind speed > 0.3 m/h
Light source LED
UV Lamp Yes
Sliding door thickness 5 mm
Worktop thickness 1.0 mm
Inner lining board thickness 5 mm
Shell thickness 1.2 mm
Axial fan flow 300 W
Noise level 52 dB
Weight 115 kg



Widely utilized for tissue culture in various laboratories and to work with microbial cell cultures in various institutions including schools and universities.

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Horizontal Laminar Flow Hood