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Digital Thermometer NIDT-100

Digital Thermometer NIDT-100

Digital Thermometer NIDT-100

Digital Thermometer NIDT-100 is a simple and easy-to-use device that allows you to make accurate temperature measurements. Offers a quick estimation of the body temperature within 10 seconds. Incorporated with an alarm system and auto-switch-off mechanism that activated after 5 minutes of inactivity. Designed to be dustproof, water-resistant, maintaining hygienic standards and helping prevent cross-infections.


Measurement scope 32.00ºC to 42.99ºC (89.60ºF to 109.38ºF) Temperature <32.00ºC (89.60ºF) Display Lo ºC (Lo ºF) Temperature >42.99ºC (109.38ºF) Display Hi ºC (Hi ºF)
Response Approx. 10 secs
Display Tricolour backlight
Backlight color interpretation Red – Fever Orange – High Green – Normal
Apply for Oral/Axillary/Rectal
Accuracy (35.50ºC – 42.00ºC) ±0.1ºC; (95.00ºF – 107.60ºF) ±0.2ºF; (32.00ºC – 35.49ºC) ±0.2ºC; (89.60ºF – 95.89ºF) ±0.4ºF; (42.01ºC – 42.99ºC) ±0.2ºC; (107.61ºF – 109.38ºF) ±0.4ºF
Resolution 0.01ºC (0.01ºF)
Units of measurement Double scale can be switch
Sound prompt Button tone, end of measurement prompt, fever prompt
Battery type DC 3V, CR 1632
Battery life Approx. 600 times, 1 year
Dimension 136×28×12mm
Weight 17g (including battery)
Package dimension 47.5×30.5×32.5cm
Gross Weight Approx. 10.5kg (including battery)
Net Weight Approx. 3.2kg (including battery)



Digital Thermometer is widely used to estimate body temperature in babies, children and adults. It is mainly applied in households, hospitals, clinics and care units, schools and workplaces.

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