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Gas Flow Meter NGFM-100

Gas flow meter NGFM-100

Gas Flow Meter NGFM-100

Gas flow meter NGFM-100 is suitable for measuring the flow rate according to the thermal properties of gases. The sensor part of the thermal gas mass flow meter is composed of two reference-level Pt100 temperature sensors. By detecting a constant temperature difference in the medium, the flow meter can provide a high accuracy measurement result.


Diameter DN10-80 (Flange type) DN100-6000 (Insert type)
Medium All gases (except acetylene)
Flow rate 0.5-100Nm/s
Accuracy ±1%
Operating pressure ≤10MPa ≤2.5MPa
Power supply Compact type: DC24V or AC220V≤18W; Remote type:AC220V≤19W
Response time 1s
Output 4-20mA output, HART, RS485 options.
Pipe material Carbon steel, stainless steel, plastic, etc.
Display Compact type: 4 lines LCD display
Display content Mass flow, standard volume flow, accumulated flow, time, accumulated time, medium temp., standard flow, etc.
Sensor material Stainless steel Stainless / carbon steel


  • Temperature and pressure compensation is not necessary; thus measurement process is simpler and more accurate
  • Could measure the mass flow or standard volume flow rate of gas
  • Range ratio 100:1, which could measure gas flow from 100Nm/s to 0.5 Nm/s, can be used for gas leak detection
  • Good vibration resistance and a long service life
  • With no moving parts or pressure-detecting parts, accuracy will not be detected by vibration
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • In proper condition, installation and maintenance could be finished while the whole system is running
  • Adopt overall digital circuit measurement to ensure high accuracy


It is widely used in the metallurgical, beverage, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and natural gas industries; the glass, ceramic, and building material industries; and the electronic and mechanical manufacturing industries.

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