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Heating Incubator NHI-100

Heating Incubator NHI-100

Heating Incubator NHI-100

Heating Incubator NHI-100 has a removable shelf and a high-quality stainless steel chamber, making it simple to clean. It has unique air duct design and good temperature uniformity. Equipped with silicon sealing ring for reliable sealing. This model is a microprocessor controlled unit with 160L chamber capacity and RT +5 ℃ to 66 ℃. The inner glass door allows for easy observation and assures leak prevention. It features large LCD screen display and an RS485 interface.


Chamber volume 160 L
Temperature range RT+ 5℃ ~ 66℃
Temp. fluctuation ±0.5℃
Temp. uniformity ±1℃
Temp. resolution 0.1℃
Power supply AC 220V,50HZ
Power rating 450W
Shelf 3
Chamber size (W×D×H) 50×50×65 cm
Package size (W×D×H) 70×68×100 cm
Net Weight 65/78 Kg



Heating Incubator is widely used for culturing plants and microbial growth in the field of pharmacy, chemical industry, environmental industry, agriculture industry and for scientific research.

Optional Accessories

programmable control
Built-in printer
RS485 interface
UV sterilizer

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