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Hybridization Incubator NHI-102

Hybridization Incubator NHI-102

Hybridization Incubator NHI-102

Hybridization Incubator NHI-102 is a compact oven that features hot air convection technology and mimics an incubator shaker. This feature ensures uniform and precise temperature control which is necessary for pre-hybridisation or hybridisation of membranes in blotting techniques. Designed with shaker base with adjustable speed, it is ideal for the washing stage of most hybridisation procedures, thereby allowing optimisation depending on application.


Sample capacity 6 hybrid tubes
Hybrid tube size 35 × 240 mm
Temperature range Ambient + 5°C - 100°C
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.5°C (at 37°C)
Temperature fluctuation ± 0.03°C
Display type LCD
Display resolution 0.1°C
Rotational speed range 6-25 rpm ; Adjustable
Working time 24 hours
Shaker base Present
Frequency 0 - 33Hz
Amplitude 0-1mm
Internal dimension 340 × 220 × 220 mm
External dimension 440 × 480 × 430 mm
Power supply AC 110/220 V, 50/60 Hz
Weight 23 kg



Widely used for nucleic acid hybridizations such as Northern (RNA) blots/hybridizations, Southern (DNA) blots/hybridizations, Western (Protein) blots, and molecular biology assays.

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Hybridization Incubator