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Halogen Moisture Meter NHMA-111

Halogen moisture meter NHMA-111

Halogen Moisture Meter NHMA-111

Halogen Moisture Analyzer NHMA-111 is a robust, reliable, and cost-effective instrument that helps determine moisture content of the desired sample. It meets the need of moisture content determination of the solid, particles, powder, colloid and liquid. It provides superior, fast, error-free moisture analysis. It is equipped with a halogen heating element for quick drying of samples and user-friendly moisture determination balance and ideal for routine checks of moisture content of desired sample.


Maximum capacity 100g
Accuracy 1mg
Calibration method External calibration
Calibration weight 100g
Moisture range 0.00~100%
Moisture Calibration Accuracy 0.0001
Heating Source halogen lamp
Heating temperature range room temperature~160℃
Temperature interval 1℃
Heating time range 0min~99min
Display parameters 9 kinds(Before-drying weight, after-drying weight, the method of ending, the remaining time of heating(min), heating temperature, driage, drying rate, moisture weight rate, moisture regain rate)
Pan size 90mm
Packing dimensions (W×D×H) 370×330×215



It is widely employed in laboratories for general use as well in industries such as agricultural, chemical, textile, environmental, food and beverage industries as well as the pharmaceutical industry.

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Halogen Moisture Analyzer