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Aerosol Generator

Aerosol Generator is portable and versatile device to test and validate large areas requiring a consistent range of particulate dispersed in an aerosol concentration. Used in medical equipment, CDC, hospitals, pharmaceutical industries and high efficiency filters manufacturers.

Aerosol Generator NASG-101
Aerosol Generator NASG-101
Available Flow Range 1,500 to 65,000 CFM (42 to 1839.5 m3/min)
Occurrence Concentration 10 μg/L: flow 65,000 CFM (about 1839.5 m3/min); 100 μg/L: flow 65,000 CFM (about 1839.5 m3/min)
Particle PAO, DOP and polydispersion occur
Occurrence Method Heating occurs
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Aerosol Generator NASG-200
Aerosol Generator NASG-200
Output flow 1 to 2.5 m3 h
Productive rate 0.5 to 2 × 1013 P/h
Atomizing Pressure ≥ 10 to 80 kPa
Size distribution 0.02 to 2 µm
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