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Deionized Water System NDWS-100

Deionized Water System NDWS-100

Deionized Water System NDWS-100

Deionized Water System NDWS-100 is a specialized apparatus engineered to purify water with an output capacity of 20 L/h. This system employs advanced technologies to remove ions and impurities from water, ensuring a high level of purity. C-IEM Reverse osmosis obtains ultrapure water that ensures accurate and reliable experimental results.


Output 20 L/h
Deionized Water Quality
Resistivity 18.2 MΩ/Cm at 25 ℃
Microbe < 1 CFU/ml
Heavy metal < 0.1 ppb
Particulates < 1 unit/ml
Working temperature 10 to 35 ℃
Tap water quality TDS < 200 ppm
Humidity 30% to 85%
Water tank storage 10 L
Water tank material 304 stainless steel
Conductivity < 10 μs/cm
Resistivity ˃ 17 MΩ
Power supply 220 V (± 10%), 50 Hz (± 1)
Tank dimension 565 × 248 × 450 mm


  • High abrasion resistance to prevent breakage due to liquid erosion during use
  • Pre-Mixed filter for easy replacement and maintenance
  • Integrated body and independent water tank design to save desk space
  • Pre-Mixed filter shell is made of environmentally friendly material
  • Type-F RO enhanced filter membrane filters 97% to 99% ions
  • Supports to withstand larger water flow in a short time
  • Storage tank filter with auto sanitary module, one way vent filter and UV technology


Deionized Water System is widely used in chemical or biological experiments to obtain deionized and RO water across Healthcare, Food & Beverage and Biochemistry microanalysis etc.

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