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Rheometer NRM-100

Rheometer NRM-100

Rheometer NRM-100

Rheometer NRM-100 is laboratory equipment designed for measuring the viscoelastic properties of rubber compounds during the vulcanization process. It can accurately measure the scorch time, rheometer time, sulfide index, maximum and minimum torque, and other parameters. It is used for monolithic rotor control, which includes: a host; temperature measurement; temperature control; data acquisition and processing; sensors and electrical chains; and other components. These measurements, a temperature control circuit consisting of a temperature control device, platinum resistance, and heater composition, are capable of automatic tracking power and ambient temperature changes and automatically correcting PID parameters to achieve fast and accurate temperature control purposes.


Standard GB/T16584/ ISO6502 /ASTM D5289
Temperature fluctuation ≤ ±0.3 Centigrade
Temperature resolution 0.1 Centigrade
Temperature range room temperature to 200 Centigrade
Pressure 0.4mpa
Torque range 0-5N.M,0-10N.M,0-20N.M
Torque resolution 0.001NM
Heating-up 15 Centigrade/min
Air-pressure requirement 0.5Mpa--0.65MPa (user prepare the dia 8 trachea)
Environment temperature 10 Centigrade--20 Centigrade
Humidity range 55--75%RH
Compressed air 0.35-0.40Mpa
Swing frequency 100r/min (about 1.67HZ)
Swing angle ±0.5 Centigrade, ±1 Centigrade, ±3 Centigrade
Weight 220kg



It is widely used in rubber processing industry, rubber quality control and basic research rubber.

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