Anaerobic Chamber NAC-100

Anaerobic Chamber NAC-100 are anaerobic systems with controlled atmosphere that are also designed with high capacity incubator and large work area. These chambers attain the desired atmospheric conditions by eliminating oxygen down to 0-5ppm by reacting 5% or less hydrogen gas with a palladium catalyst. Equipped with two sets of gloves and an airlock transfer chamber permits the operator to enter the glove box without compromising the atmosphere inside thereby increasing the tactile efficiency. The unit requires minimal daily maintenance and is easy to use for working with oxygen sensitive materials, product containment needs, and/or general isolation control.


Time for creating anaerobic state in sampling chamber < 5min
Time for creating anaerobic state in operation chamber < 1 hour (Oxygen concentration ≤ 1%)
Time for maintaining anaerobic state in operation chamber > 12 h (when no supply of mixed gas)
Temperature sensor PT100
Temperature range RT ± 3°C - 60°C
Temperature fluctuation in incubation chamber ± 0.3°C
Temperature uniformity in incubation chamber ± 1°C
Temperature controller PID microprocessor controller
Timer 1 min - 9999 min
Window Toughened glass window
Operating room material Cold-rolled steel plate with electrostatic powder paint
Incubator material SUS-304 Stainless steel panel
External material Cold-rolled steel plate with electrostatic powder paint
Power supply AC 110/220V ± 10%, 50/60Hz
Inner dimension (W× L ×H) 810 × 650 × 660 mm
Outer dimension (W× L ×H) 1210 × 740 × 1410 mm
Packaging dimensions 1340 × 880 × 1590 mm
Net Weight 320 kg


  • LCD display for visual display of parameters
  • Built-in rapid airlock system
  • Corrosion and acid resistant work top
  • Multiple protection systems


Used in clinical or research institutes that deal with cell culture applications that need to accurately control oxygen, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity.

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