Tube Rotator NTR-100

Tube Rotator NTR-100 is compact, benchtop rotator that gently and efficiently brings about mixing of the desired samples. The rotator can hold different sizes of eppendorf tubes for maximum flexibility. The desired mixing is achieved “rotation” mode and adjustable speed. The unique design and small footprint of the rotator makes it ideal for wide range of mixing applications in biochemistry, molecular biology, genetic engineering and histochemistry.


Mixing type Circular rotation
Mixing speed 5 - 60 rpm
Speed accuracy ± 1 rpm
Sample holding capacity For 0.5ml-13 pcs ; For 1ml-12pcs ; For 2ml-4pcs ; For 5ml-4pcs
Power 220 kW
Power supply AC 110/220 V, 50Hz/60Hz


  • Digital RPM Display
  • Maintenance-free motor with quiet operation
  • Provides gentle or vigorous mixing as desired
  • Ideal for 1.5/2.0ml microtubes


Employed for a variety of laboratory applications that require the gentle mixing of biological samples, latex agglutination assays, preparation of homogenous dispersions in laboratories and research institutes dealing with life sciences.

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