Semi-Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer NSKN-100

Semi-Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer NSKN-100 is employed in labs to quantify nitrogen investigation and protein assurance as per the Kjeldahl strategy in the food & feed business and different applications in ecological and compound ventures in the wake of having processed the example precisely. This lab equipment is accompanied by 4/6/20-hole digestion furnace that helps digest samples such as staple, feedstuff, nourishment, dairy items, drink, soil, water, medicines, chemical etc.


Body Corrosion - resistant technopolymer
Sample Quantity Solid ≤ 5 g; Liquid ≤ 15 ml
Measure range 0.1~ 200 mg of N
Recovery rate ≥ 99 %
Repetition rate Relative standard deviation <±1%
Distillation time 5-15 minutes
Ambient Temperature 5 °C – 40 °C
Ambient Humidity 0.08
Display 4.3" LCD
Water consumption 5 L/min
Distillation 3 L/min
Water Temperature < 20 ℃
Power Consumption 1000W
Power Supply AC 110/220V ± 10 %, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 380 × 330 × 820 mm
Weight 32 kg


  • Working mode is semi-automatic
  • Measures up to 0.1%-99% nitrogen content
  • Automatic fault detection function
  • Equipped with audio and visual alarm


Employed in various laboratories for quantitative determination of nitrogen in organic and inorganic samples in the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry and in environmental samples.

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