Benchtop Digital Refractometer NBDR-200

Benchtop Digital Refractometer NBDR-200

Benchtop Digital Refractometer NBDR-200 is a digital Abbe Refractometer that measures the index of refraction with high precision. Equipped with a hard-glass prism and back-lit LCD makes it easier for the user to read and analyze the sample. This benchtop instrument helps to measure the Refractive Index and the Brix value for any kind of liquid as well as solid samples.


Dimensions 370 x 240 x 470 mm
Scale Brix and Refractive Index
Range Brix - 0-100%
Refractive Index - 1.30000 – 1.70000 nD
Accuracy Brix - ± 0.1 %
Refractive Index - ± 0.0002 nD
Temperature Display Range 0°C - 50°C
Usage Temperature Range Room Temperature
Display Dual-level LCD
Weight 12kg


  • Measures Brix and refractive index
  • High resolution LCD
  • Automatic Correction of effect of temperature on brix
  • Eyepiece results in user friendly operations
  • RS232 interface
  • Precise measuring results


It is widely utilized in the fields such as petroleum, oil, pharmaceutical, paint, food, chemical and sugar refining industries and in geological prospecting enterprises.

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