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Gel Documentation System NGDS-100


Gel Documentation System NGDS-100

Gel Documentation System NGDS-100 is a gel imaging system used for detection of resolved and separated nucleotides or proteins on a gel slab. It is equipped with low illumination and high-resolution digital CCD camera that provides precise quantification of nucleic acids and peptide molecules. The Auto-delay-shutdown function for UV light ensures the safety of user. The microprocessor-controlled gel documentation system allows reliable storage of data.

Gel Documentation System NGDS-100
  • Whole screen display
  • Easily operation
  • Centre indicator for accurate positioning of gel
  • UV light and white light can be controlled by panel keys
  • Gel-cut protective cover for safe and easy excision of gel Software features:
  • Exposure value adjustment
  • Automatic and manual recognition of lanes
  • Calculation of molecular weight, optical density and mobility percentage
  • Easy generation of data in format of texts and excel sheets
Effective pixels 2560×1920
Pixel density 10 bits
Pixel size 5.4×5.4 um
Resolution 5.0 megapixels
Signal to noise ratio ≥56db
Sensitivity 20pg
Camera CCD
Zoom lens F=1:1.2 2/3 inch 6 times zoom lens
Filter 590 nm
UV light transmission area 250×200 mm
Visible light transmittance area(W×L) 250×210 mm
Transmission UV wavelength 302 nm
Reflectance UV wavelength 254, 365 nm
Transmission UV lamp power 254nm
Volume(L×W×H) 470×405×820 mm
Weight 29.0 kg

It is most widely used in Molecular biology laboratories, genetic engineering, biotechnology and Research Institute that involves proteomics and genomics studies.


Accessories No Name
1 PC monitor
2 Thermal printer
3 Thermal paper rolls for printer

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