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Ozone Generator NOZG-100

Ozone Generator NOZG-100

Ozone Generator NOZG-100

Ozone Generator NOZG-100 releases 10 grams of ozone per hour and operates effectively within a temperature range of 5 to 40°C. It utilizes advanced PSA technology with a specialized lithium screen for high-purity ozone production. Our unit includes a high-quality aluminum alloy radiator with a large heat dissipation area for effective cooling. It features a 316L stainless steel one-way valve sealed with fluorine glue to prevent water backflow.


Ozone Output 10 g/h
Operating Temperature 5 to 40℃
Operating Humidity 30% to 60% 1atm
Oxygen Purity ≥ 93%
Ozone Outlet Concentration 80 to 120 mg/L
Cooling Way Air cooling
Air Source Oxygen source
Time Control 16 independent power on/off settings
Fuse Protector 10A
Power Consumption ≤ 750 W
Power Supply 220 ± 10% / 50±1 V/Hz
Dimensions 430 × 320 × 850 mm
Packaging Dimensions 480 × 380 × 950 mm
Weight 45kgs



Ozone generator is commonly used for air and water purification, eliminating odors and contaminants, and for surface disinfection in medical and industrial applications.

Standard Accessories

Hose (3m)

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