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Floor Balance NFRB-300

Floor Balance NFRB-300

Floor Balance NFRB-300

Floor Balance NFRB-300 is a multifunctional unit that achieves highly precise weight measurements with a resolution of 1/30,000. Features a 6-digit LCD with backlight for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions. It transfers data directly to a PC in Excel format for convenient analysis. Equipped with non-slip leveling feet to ensure stability on different surfaces.


Capacity 300 to 600 kg
Resolution 1/30,000
Readability 50 g
Repeatability (Sd) ± 50d scale interface analog
Platform Material Carbon Steel
Terminal Material Plastic
Display 6 digital LCD with backlight
Interface RS232
Platform type Bench scale
Weighing Units kg, g, oz, lb
Pole Diameter Ø3.8 cm
Pole Height 66 cm
Load Cell Excitation DC 5V, up to 8×350-ohm load cells
Power AC 220v or recharge battery
Bench Scale Dimensions 600 × 600 mm
Bench Scale Packing Dimensions 800 × 680 ×180 mm
Indicator Dimensions 350 × 350 × 170 mm
Bench Scale Net Weight 30.5 kg
Bench Scale Gross Weight 32 kg
Indicator Net Weight 2.52 kg
Indicator Gross Weight 2.95 kg



Floor balance is used in production, mailrooms, packaging, warehouses, inventory management, commercial, industrial shipping and receiving sectors.

Optional Accessories

U-disk or Wi-Fi module or Ethernet module

Bluetooth or U-key
RTC or Relay

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Floor Balance