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Stackable CO₂ Shaker Incubator NCSI-200

Stackable CO₂ Shaker Incubator NCSI-200

Stackable CO₂ Shaker Incubator NCSI-200

Stackable CO₂ Shaker Incubator NCSI-200 is a dual tier unit that operates at speeds ranging from 10 to 300 rpm, providing versatile agitation. Utilizes a high-quality, low-noise imported CFC-free compressor with R-134a refrigerant for effective refrigeration. It employs UV lamps for effective disinfection and sterilization. Features a pullout shaker platform for convenient loading and unloading of samples.


Shaking Speed Range 10 to 300 rpm
Shaking Control Accuracy ± 1rpm
Orbit (diameter) φ50mm (standard), φ26mm(optional)
Temperature Range 4℃ to 60℃ (at 23℃ to 25 ℃)
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.1℃
Temperature Uniformity ±0.5℃ (at 37℃)
Inner chamber material Antibacterial stainless steel
CO₂ Control Range 0 to 20%
CO₂ Control Accuracy 0.001
Humidity Adjustment Accuracy 0.01
Humidity Control Accuracy 0.05
Humidity Control Range Ambient humidity~95% R.H (optional)
Chamber Capacity 678 L
Max. Capacity for each platform (Stainless steel clamps) 500ml × 45
Max. Capacity for each platform (Plastic molding clamps) 500ml × 45
Embedded curtain Included
Display LCD (7-inch Touch Screen)
Air circulation Forced air circulation
Parameter Control P.I.D Microprocessor
Timer Range 0 to 999.9 hrs
Noise Level <55dB
Each Platform Size (L×W) 1000 × 530 mm
Internal effective height 345mm
Power Source AC220±10% (110V is optional) 50~60Hz
Overall Dimension (L × W × H) 1430 × 845 × 1185 mm
Net Weight 506 kg



Stackable CO₂ Shaker Incubator provides controlled environments for cell culture and biological experiments. It finds applications in biological and biomedical research, pharmaceutical development, and industrial biotechnology.

Standard Accessories

IR CO₂ sensor × 2 pcs

Standard shaking tray with springs for different size tubes × 2 sets
Humidity sensor × 2 sets
Automatic humidity precise control × 2 sets
Automatic de-humidification × 2 sets
Blackout curtain (for culture in the dark) × 2 sets
Air connector × 2 sets
Inlet filter × 2 sets
Stacking kits × 1 set
25mm test hole for each unit × 2 sets
Data logging × 2 sets
USB interface × 2 sets
Observe window (Hollow tempered heated glass and door heating) × 2 sets
Cooling (4 to 60℃) × 2 sets
7-inch Touch screen of each unit × 2 sets
UV Lamp × 2 sets

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