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Muffle Furnace NMF-206

Muffle Furnace NMF-206

Muffle Furnace NMF-206

Muffle Furnace NMF-206 is equipped with a high-precision temperature controller and offers a maximum temperature of 1200°C. Incorporates a double-layer forced air-cooling structure for efficient cooling. Our furnace working chamber has 64 liters capacity, allowing for large sample processing. Resistance to rapid temperature changes ensures stability during heating and cooling cycles.


Highest Temperature 1200°C
Working Temperature 1100°C
Temperature Control Accuracy ± 1°C
Working Chamber Capacity 64 L
Heating Rate ≤ 20°C/Min
Heating Power 14 KW
Heating Element Resistance wire
Thermocouple K-type single platinum-rhodium thermocouple
Temperature Control 30 segments programmable and PID auto control
Furnace Structure Double shell with fan cooling
Power Supply 220V 50HZ
Heating Area Dimensions (D×W×H) 400 × 400 × 400 mm
Furnace Dimension (D×W×H) 850 × 640 × 1050 mm
Packaging Dimensions (D×W×H) 975 × 725 × 1260 mm
Net Weight 152 kg
Gross Weight 190 kg



It is used to heat materials to high temperatures in a controlled environment. It is commonly used for processes such as annealing, ashing, sintering, and heat treatment of materials.

Standard Accessories

Furnace door plug brick × 1 piece

Crucible tongs × 1 unit
High-temperature resistant gloves × 1 pair

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