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Muffle Furnace NMF-205

Muffle Furnace NMF-205

Muffle Furnace NMF-205

Muffle Furnace NMF-205 operates at a temperature of 0 to 1100℃ with an accuracy of ± 1℃. Utilizes advanced PID regulation to accurately maintain and control the temperature. Constructed from high-quality alumina polycrystalline fiber, formed through vacuum suction filtration for structural integrity. It features a double-layer forced air cooling structure to maintain internal temperature below 60℃ for safe and efficient operation.


Operating Temperature 0 to 1100℃
Maximum Temperature 1200℃
Temperature accuracy ± 1℃
Capacity 12L
Heating element Nickel chrome high-quality resistance wire
Heating rate 10℃/min
Temperature Control 30 segments programmable and PID auto control
Power Consumption 6KW
Power Supply 220V
Chamber Dimension (D ×W × H) 300 × 200 × 200 mm
Packaging Dimension 860 × 630 × 1030 mm
Weight 112KG



Used to heat materials to high temperatures in a controlled environment. It is commonly used for processes such as annealing, ashing, sintering, and heat treatment of materials.

Standard Accessories

Electric Furnace × 1 set

Hight temperature gloves × 1 Pair
Crucible clip × 1 Pc
User manual × 1 book
Door block × 1 Pc

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